As we embark on our Sixth Summit, the cyber threats to the global aviation ecosystem are changing by the hour. Aviation remains one of the most appealing targets for credential theft, financial attacks, ransomware, and hostile nation-state actions. Companies in the aviation industry operate in a shared risk environment. Airlines and airports are equally dependent upon the resiliency of each other’s systems as well as the those of their supply chain, the air traffic management systems, and more.

The Aviation ISAC enables organizations to become more resilient to cyberattacks by virtue of trusted communities. We enable swift exchange of threat information and best practices for CISOs and all those supporting the CISOs’ areas of responsibility: intelligence analysts, network architects, compliance, and product security functions. Of all the tools and services offered by the A-ISAC, our most important pillar is the trusted relationships built upon our face-to-face gatherings such as our upcoming Annual Summit. Our members need the services you offer. They are on the front lines of the cyber threat battle and are dependent upon the tools and services provided by organizations such as yours. By working together, we can better prepare ourselves against the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Your support enables us to provide members an informative and educational program. It would not be possible for us to hold this event without your support. Our challenges are your challenges—the solutions you create are invaluable in our global effort to protect the aviation industry. We welcome your engagement and look forward to learning more about your expertise.

We welcome your participation in this year’s “Global Unification of Aviation Cybersecurity” Summit and look forward to working with you to make our Summit the must-attend aviation cyber networking event of the year!